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DVD Copies of Fairmont Area and Martin Luther High School Events

Standard DVD                $7.50 

BluRay                           $12.50

 DVD Copies of Customer DVD’s

DVD Copies                   $ 3.50

 Cassette Tape to CD Transfers

 Transfer cost                $10.00

Extra copies                   $ 3.50

Slide Transfers to CD or Flashdrive

 Per slide cost-no editing                    $   .49 burned to a CD

Per slide cost – editing                        $   .50 burned to a CD

Edited slides w/music on DVD             $   10.00 extra

New Flashdrives                                   $10.00 extra (No charge for customer provided flashdrives)

 Transfer of Cellphone/IPad Photos, Video or Audio: to DVD, CD or Flashdrive

Videos - $24.95/hr. of video

Photos - $10.00/100 photos

Audio - $19.95/50 messages

Flashdrive cost varies by number of GB needed

 16 mm or Hi 8 or Mini DV or C-Tapes or VHS to DVD Transfers

 Per one hour of tape               $ 24.95 - Discounts for large quantity VHS Transfers

Extra copies                             $   3.50

 Picture Scanned and Burned to CD

 Per Photos                                           $ 1.00


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